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It’s natural that your furniture won’t look the same as the day you purchased it because it’s been lived on in the meantime. It might have a couple of stains, and perhaps it has developed some odors too. But just as you enjoy the comfort of your sofa, bacteria and other allergens do too — creating an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

You can call Perfection Carpet Cleaners to restore your furniture and upholstery to the condition it was in the day you bought it. We understand the importance of keeping your furniture in good condition, especially when you have friends or family coming over. You can trust us to restore your furniture back to its cleanest and healthiest state.

Some tips to help you protect your upholstery:

  • Fluff & rotate your cushions regularly
  • Use water-free upholstery solvents to clean spots
  • Vacuum
  • Limit washing movable upholstery
  • Call Perfection Carpet Cleaners for difficult stains, odors, & more!

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Calling Perfection is the First Step in Getting Your Upholstery Cleaning Project Started.

 We will offer our best estimate for furniture cleaning services that are provided before we go to the home to look at the area that needs to be cleaned. Our staff will treat you with exceptional customer service from the time you call to the time we leave the home.

Professional upholstery cleaning improves the appearance of the furniture and keeps it in the best condition possible. Furniture cleaning removes some of the musty smells that might develop from the items sitting for long periods of time. Dust that sits on the furniture can begin to deteriorate the furniture, which can leave holes in the surface.

Our technicians are experienced in cleaning all types of furniture surfaces. They will discuss the work that will be done before the work is completed. All of the items that are used to clean are safe for various materials and will leave the furniture smelling fresh.

When you call our office, we will greet you in a friendly manner. At Perfection, we will answer the questions that you have to the best of our ability before someone arrives at the home. We will also check to make sure you are satisfied with the services that are delivered.

Your Furniture Looks Like New With Peabody Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning Services from Perfection Carpet Cleaners.

 Have you been weighing your options when it comes to Peabody upholstery and furniture cleaning?

Most of us spend a good amount of money on our furniture, so it makes sense to care for it in a way that will ensure it lasts a long time and looks new for years to come.

Perfection Carpet Cleaners in Peabody is an upholstery and furniture cleaning company that provides you with affordable and reliable services.

What’s The Best Way To Take Care Of Upholstery?

Maintaining clean and beautiful upholstery may seem tricky, but there are things you can do on a regular basis that don’t take up a lot of time and will keep all your fabrics in good condition.

First of all, make sure you fluff and rotate seat cushions on a daily basis so that they wear evenly. Also remember to vacuum upholstered furniture with an upholstery brush as often as you can.

To get rid of ugly stains, you’ll have to do some spot cleaning, although it’s always a good idea to stay away from chemical cleaners containing toxic materials, such as carbon tetrachloride.

Instead, use mild cleaning products like a water-free upholstery solvent or a dry cleaning product, and stick to tried-and-true cleaners you know how to use so you avoid damaging the furniture.

But no matter what cleaner you end up using, always spot test it before applying to the affected area. Simply turn over an unexposed section of the fabric (the bottom of a chair, for example) to ensure the product doesn’t permanently ruin the material.

For badly soiled upholstery (wine stains), you should contact Perfection Carpet Cleaners, a leading Peabody upholstery and furniture cleaning company serving the communities of Lynnfield, Boxfield, Topsfield, Danvers, Beverly, Hamilton, Middleton and Ipswich. The same goes for light-colored furniture, and high-end pieces.

Some other tips are don’t wash movable pieces, such as cushion covers, as extra washing may cause the color to fade. Keep dark fabrics, and silk, out of direct sunlight to avoid fading as well.

If you really want to make your life easy, simply make an appointment with Perfection Carpet Cleaners. We only use products that are safe for your family and pets, plus we get the job done right the first time.

Perfection Carpet Cleaners is a leading upholstery and furniture cleaning company that offers services to Peabody, Lynnfield, Boxford and many other Massachusetts communities.

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