If you’re in charge of a large commercial building, like an office building or apartment building, you may be frequently tasked with various cleaning tasks, including carpet cleaning.

With thousands of square feet to cover, you may be wondering whether it makes sense to outsource commercial carpet cleaning. It’s definitely not an easy job to take on without sufficient help and know-how!

Commercial carpet cleaning services can help you achieve a lot of different efficiencies that might not be possible on your own.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to outsource commercial carpet cleaning:

Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Transfer Liability

Did you know that your liability insurance must contain certain facets to cover your cleaning staff? Getting and maintaining these insurance additions can be more expensive than they’re worth, and can also be time consuming as staff grows or changes.

A commercial cleaner holds their own liability insurance so you won’t need to worry about getting your own! Their insurance may also be able to cover you from third-party litigation if it came to that point.

Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Cost-Effectiveness

Besides the insurance factor, a commercial carpet cleaning service is often more cost-effective than maintaining a cleaning staff and purchasing your own cleaning supplies without economy of scale pricing.

Because commercial carpet cleaning services are professional experts, they can also achieve cleaning successes in a lower amount of time (whereas your staff might take longer and you’d have to pay them accordingly).

Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Quick Turnaround

Commercial carpet cleaning services are all about efficiency. They’ll get the job done quickly but effectively. They aim to please and know that you have your choice of providers, so are accountable and reliable. Your cleaning staff may not be as incentivized to get the job done on a quick turnaround.

Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning for Expertise

If you want professional results, you need professional skills on the job. Commercial carpet cleaners have a lot of experience with different situations and can get the tough stains out right away. They can let you know if there are any problems that are out of the ordinary. Your staff may not be familiar with certain stains and cleaning procedures, which will make the job take longer and be more costly in the long run.

Outsource Commercial Carpet Cleaning to Help Existing Staff

Whether you have a cleaning team or other administrative staff that assists with tasks like carpet cleaning, it usually makes sense to take this task of their list of to-dos. They’ll have more time to focus on the other things you hired them to do, and make them more efficient. When everyone focuses on the things they’re best at, business success is achieved as a whole.

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