It is bad, and it’s getting worse!

Seasonal allergies are menacing the state of Massachusetts, and there doesn’t look like there’s an end in sight.

After a snowy and cold winter, the trees are in full bloom. The grass is looking lush, and gardens are finally growing fruits and vegetables. If you are like the millions of people that suffer from seasonal allergies, this can be a time of misery.

While others are outside having a good time, you are sneezing, coughing, rubbing your eyes, and dealing with other bothersome symptoms that occur at this time of the year.

Seasonal Allergies Come In Many Forms

When it comes to seasonal allergies, they come in many forms, and produce many symptoms. Many people call it “hay fever” or allergic rhinitis.  There are pollen allergies, as well as mold allergies. During different times of the year, trees, grass, and weeds are producing and distributing pollen to fertilize other plants.

The way Mother Nature works is beautiful.

If you are an allergy sufferer, the problem occurs when you come in contact with the different types of pollen and mold in the air. Because you are allergic to these airborne substances, your immune system goes on attack to try to fight them. This is what produces the symptoms that make you miserable.

Plant Giving Off Pollen

Through the warm months, there are different seasonal allergies, based on the time of the year. Here in Massachusetts, tree pollination starts in February and usually ends in May. Next up is weed pollen from May to June, which can be a very difficult time for allergy sufferers.

The final allergy season of the year is from August to October. This is when the weeds are pollinating. Through our research, we have found that Lynnfield, Topsfield, Danvers, and Boxford have some of the highest pollen counts through the season.

How Do You Get Relief From Seasonal Allergies?

Your allergies are based on air quality. When you are outside, you can wear a mask to attempt to curtail your exposure to pollen. Pollen counts are highest during the early morning hours, so limit your activity during this time if you can.

When you are at home, your air conditioner can be your best friend, because it helps you keep the air clean inside. You should also vacuum your carpets as much as possible. Although this can help, the chances are great that you already have allergens in your carpet that will trigger your symptoms.

The BEST way to gt long lasting relief from seasonal allergies in your home is to have your carpets professionally cleaned with hot water extraction.

By using this carpet cleaning method, the hot steam kills germs and allergens that are deep in your carpets bedding.

Once this is complete, powerful suction removes the bacteria from your carpet. You will instantly recognize that the air in your home is fresher, your symptoms have decreased, and your carpet smells fresh.

Don’t be a victim to seasonal allergies this year!

We can get you the relief you want right now. To help you win the war this allergy season, we are running a special where we are giving $50 off any two rooms carpet cleaning. Remove the allergens from your home, and extend the life of your carpet with our hot water extraction service.

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