A few months ago, your dog or cat had an accident on your carpet. You’ve tried everything from homemade concoctions found on Pinterest to many types of carpet cleaners you could buy to remove pet odors.

However, your carpets continue to smell, and there is a big brown stain that everyone can see.

Instead of trying to get it out yourself, you need a professional carpet cleaner with the tools and products to steam clean those pet odors and stains right out of your carpet.

In this article, you’ll learn why your Peabody, MA carpet cleaner is the right choice for you.

Problem of Pet Odors and Stains

When your dog or cat urinates, it’s in a liquid form, and it’s acidic. Once that stain dries, it goes down deeper into your carpet and becomes a solid called ammonium salts. The dry form of pet urine is now alkaline.

So, when you clean your carpet by yourself using a retail carpet cleaner that promises to remove all pet odors and stains, you notice that the product doesn’t live up to its name. It doesn’t have the necessary ingredients to break down that stain and remove the odor.

Before you give up, you add more product to your steam cleaner only to make a wet mess and slightly fading the stain.

Or you hire a company that uses chemicals to deodorize the carpet by masking the smell with heavy perfumes. But it only temporarily solves your problem because the odor and the stain eventually come back.

The key to successfully removing pet odors and stains is in removing the ammonium salts. And not all carpet cleaners use enzymes to remove these stains and odors.

Instead, you need a carpet cleaner who uses natural products that break down odor- and stain-causing pet messes.

The Pet Odor Solution

Your Peabody, MA carpet cleaner uses a formula that contains enzymes to draw out the odors and stains.

Specifically, the pet odor remover is a rinse that breaks down the alkalinity of the ammonium salts. It’s all natural, using biological enzymes to break down and neutralize the odors. In other words, it doesn’t mask the smells. The enzymes are designed to remove pet odors.

The second rinse goes down into the sub-cushion of the carpeting that’s holding onto that stain. It lifts the stain out of your carpet without fading or ruining the carpet.

Not a Rug Shampoo

When your professional carpet cleaner uses these carpet rinses, he is not shampooing your rugs. Plus, he won’t be using any pre-clean spot treatments either.

Instead, the rinses are mixed into the cleaner’s steam cleaner to take out the stains and odors naturally. The process takes about 20 minutes.

And this product is perfectly safe for use around children and pets. There are no harsh chemicals, so your family and pets are safe throughout the cleaning and drying processes.

Finally, these rinses work on all types of pet messes—not just urine. If your pet vomited or had diarrhea on your carpet, these rinses will break down those odors and stains too.

Life happens … and when your dog or cat gets sick and leaves a mess, it isn’t the end of your carpet. Instead, invest in a local carpet cleaner, such as Perfection Carpet Cleaners to remove pet odors.

We use enzymatic rinses that break down all pet odors and stains. Right now, we’re offering a special with $50 off for two rooms.

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