You have a great patio or outdoor living space, why not add a fireplace or fire pit to it? It’s a great gathering place and just place to chill out when it’s warm, why should you let winter stop you? With a place to make a fire and stay warm there’s no telling what kind of great memories you can make out there. You just have to decide- are you a fireplace person or fire pit person? I hope we can help you decide.

Why Add A Fireplace To Your OutDoor Living Space?

If you choose a fireplace, although you might have to get a permit or inspection, you have a cool and unique structure to gather around that blocks the wind and creates a great lounge area. You can set up couches and chairs and gather around the fireplace,although you can probably only accommodate four to six people at a time. It’s definitely a romantic option, despite blocking some views, but it really anchors an outdoor room and is just a great space to talk, hang and maybe sip hot chocolate. It’s probably more expensive than a portable fire pit, but at the same time, who else has an outdoor fireplace?

Maybe a Fire Pit?

Whether you choose a portable option or build a structure for the pit, it is also a great gathering place that can host way more people than an outdoor Fireplace. You can circle even up to 12 people around a fire pit roasting marshmallows if you want to. It’s easier to incorporate seating, doesn’t block views, but there’s no way to block the wind so embers may scatter around and depending how you build it, it may be less expensive.

Whatever you choose, it really just depends on what you want the pit for. Do you want to host big parties or just hang with a couple people staying warm on your porch? What would look better on your patio? Ultimately, what look do you really want? It’s also important to consider how your community feels about wood burning, and also to remember that there isn’t a predetermined shape your pit or fireplace has to be. If you dream it, it’s possible. Just contact us and we’ll help you figure it out.

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