Is your carpet emitting a bad smell? Carpets can hold smoke and odors, which become difficult to remove. The reasons for the foul smell can vary, but it is mostly caused by pets and food. If you want to eliminate bad smells from your carpet, you will have to spend time and efforts. A much better way to get rid of the smell is to send your carpet to cleaning services. They use efficient procedures, which leave your carpet smelling fresh and nice.

If you want to remove the smell by yourself, you can try out the processes we have mentioned below. Please bear in mind that several applications may be required before the smell is eliminated. If you still fail in doing this, send your carpet to professional cleaning services.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a great substance for removing odors from carpet, and is easily available in every home.

Sprinkle baking soda on the area which smells bad. Run a brush over the surface so that the soda can reach into the deeper fibers of the carpet. Now sprinkle more baking soda on the carpet again until a thick layer develops.

Let the baking soda remain the carpet for around 12 to 48 hours depending on the severity of the smell.

Use a stiff brush to remove the upper layer of baking soda. If your carpet is small, you can shake it outside and most of the particles will be removed.

Vacuum the carpet as effectively as possible. Make sure you are using efficient equipment.

If your carpet still smells, you can either apply baking soda again or try using vinegar.


Vinegar is acidic in nature and can kill the foul smelling bacteria, which makes it a great odor remover.

Blot vinegar over your carpet with a clean cloth. You can also use a spray bottle for this purpose. Just like baking soda, vinegar must also penetrate deep inside the fibers, but your carpet should not get saturated.

Leave vinegar in the carpet for around 15 minutes.

Remove vinegar by blotting the carpet once more, but this time with a clean cloth.

If required, you can rinse the carpet with water. Remove this water by blotting with a clean cloth.

Place the carpet in an airy room and let it dry.

Other Methods

If your carpet still smells, you can try your luck with hydrogen peroxide. Before applying this substance to the whole of your carpet, apply to only a small area first. If the color remains unaffected, you can use hydrogen peroxide over your while carpet.

Smoke and odors can also be removed with steam cleaners, which are more effective than blotting. You can also use special cleaning agents that have been designed to eliminate smells.

There are usually three kinds of flooring that are prone to stains from pets and immediate and proper cleaning would prevent further damage to the floor.

1. Wooden Floors- This type of floors can be relatively easy to stain especially if the floors have not been treated or are in their natural state. It would often be better to have the wooden floor treated so that water spills or urine does not immediately seep through the wood material. Since wood is porous it can be highly susceptible to urine stains that can cause the wood material to darken.

2. Tile Floors. There are many kinds of tile floors available these days and most of them are usually made of stone or ceramic. Ceramic glazed floors are more or less resilient to pet stains assuming that it has been cleaned immediately after it has been soiled by the pet. Some tile floors like natural tile floors can be a bit porous and prone to discoloration when wet and would take more time to clean pet stains to remove odor.

3. Carpeted Floors. Pet stains and odor can be a nightmare on carpeted floors. Most carpets are highly absorbent and can easily discolor. The materials of carpets vary and cleaning would be dependent on the type of material it is made of. Regular or common day to day carpets can be the easiest to clean that is if the pet stain is relatively new or has not completely set in. It’s advisable to contact a reliable carpet cleaning company because they have the expertise on how to remove smoke and odors from carpets.

Our Recommendation

Our recommendation is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company if you really want to remove odors.  The above methods may mask, or cover-up odors, and they may come back.  Utilizing a professional carpet cleaner with the proper tools and methods will work wonders on your carpets.

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