Step aside Rudolph, Boxford Carpet Cleaning Services are the real thing to help you save the holidays this year. The season is stressful enough with the in-laws coming in, your sister talking your ear off about how the big family dinner needs to be perfect, or the children not so subtly pointing out what they want Santa to bring, Dirty carpets should be the last thing on your mind. Let us at Perfection Carpet Cleaning services take care of this chore.

The last thing you want is all of those people gathering at your home with awful stains on the carpet. Here are some great carpet cleaning services we offer that are better gifts than Santa could ever keep in his Sleigh.

Stain Removal

Whether an accident from a beloved cat or dog, an unhappy end to a glass of wine or cup of coffee or you just have no idea where that stain could have come from, we can deal with it. Using a variety of methods that are child and animal safe, we can get rid of that before your Mother in Law sees it.


Maybe you wish you could send your carpet on a spa day. No matter how many times you vacuum or what you put down on it, it just doesn’t look like it used it. Let us rejuvenate your carpet with our wonderful steaming services. It will look so amazing that when Santa comes down that Chimney, he’ll think he’s in the wrong house.

Odor Removal

Maybe something just stinks and you know it’s coming from your carpet. No one ever mentions it when they come over, but you know it’s there, just coming out of the carpet. Maybe you know that it was that dog, just the build up of spills, or you just have no idea you need it taken care of. We got it and after we’re done, you won’t smell anything but Christmas trees and the smell of gingerbread cookies.

Stain and Moisture Protection

Get the gift that keeps on giving with our stain and moisture protection treatment. Keep the carpet so much safer and keep your carpet perfect. That way, it will always feel a lot like Christmas, all year long. I don’t know about you, but that’s something to feel Merry about.

Those are just some of the things we can do for you. Call us or email us and we can be sure to talk you through all the things we can do to make your home look its best during the holidays. You never need to be embarrassed about your carpet again.

Call us today. We know you’re on the nice list. Let Perfection Carpet Cleaners give you the gift of clean carpets.

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