It can be a grueling task for homeowners to clean and maintain their carpets and rugs and keep the place spotless and in good condition. If you experience accidents, like when something as sticky and messy as chewing gum sticks to the carpet, you might think it’s impossible to remove!

Luckily, there are ways you can try to eliminate the gum while avoiding ruining your carpet or rug. Just remember that the moment gum falls on your carpet, try to remove it right away to prevent you from dealing with a more difficult situation!

Before you read further below, take note that you should learn to try out a product or carpet cleaning method on a small area of your carpet first to see if it works properly. That way, you will know if it can cater to your entire carpet without experiencing any chances of damaging its material. 

Freezing Method 

The most popular way to remove gum stuck to a carpet is by simply using ice and a spoon. You can also consider applying gum freeze spray made for carpets—although both methods offer the same results. The additional items you need are a carpet-safe cleaner and paper towels.

If you choose to use ice, all you need to do is put the ice cubes directly on the gum stain, then wait several minutes until you’re sure the gum has become frozen. With a gum freeze spray, you should apply the product over the gum until it looks hard enough to remove.

Grab a spoon and take out the frozen gum or its pieces if it tends to come off in parts. If there are still traces of gum left on the carpet, you can put more ice or use the freezing spray to repeat the process until most of the gum is gone. With the carpet-safe cleaner, spray it over the treated part of the carpet and wipe it dry with paper towels.  

Sanitizing Method

Another way to eliminate gum from your carpet is by using rubbing alcohol. Its contents aim to break apart the polymers found in chewing gum to help loosen its grip on your carpet until it eventually wears off.

Besides that, you will need paper towels for cleaning. Begin by placing a couple of drops of alcohol on the affected part of your carpet. Let the solution soak in for several minutes to guarantee you can easily remove the gum later on. 

When you think it’s okay to remove it, wipe the solution to eliminate the gum and its remaining traces off the carpet. If it doesn’t completely work, you can apply more drops of alcohol and redo the process until you see the results you want.

Cleaning Method

When you’ve tried and tested the methods above, and they don’t seem to work for your situation, you can move on to using WD-40 and dish soap to take care of it. 

The WD-40 will work to loosen the gum from your carpet. Meanwhile, the dish soap is what you will need to remove the WD-40 off your carpet the moment you take out the gum successfully. Also, you have to prepare a soft bristle brush, paper towels, white cloth,  sponge, and some warm water. 

Start with placing a generous amount of WD-40 over the gum and let the chemical sit for several minutes. You need the brush next to try and rub off the gum from your carpet. Proceed with wiping the area with the paper towels once done.

If you couldn’t eradicate the gum, you can repeat the process until you’re satisfied with your work and have removed all the gum. Apply soap and water onto the cloth and use it to remove the WD-40. You will need an extra cloth, but this time with warm water only to remove soap remains on the carpet. 


When gum gets stuck to your carpet, you should never panic, and instead, take the necessary actions to remove it immediately to prevent the situation from getting worse. You can try the freezing method, sanitizing method, or cleaning method, depending on what tools you have available at home and what will work best for your carpet. If none of the above is successful, your only chance is to call for carpet cleaning experts to come to the rescue! 

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