Carpets are pleasant to the feet and make walking more comfortable around the house. These fabrics come in various textures and styles that spruce up any space’s aesthetic and feel. Many American homes choose to use carpet flooring, especially those who live in colder areas, as tiles and wood can get very cold in the winter. While these are very warm and lovely, they can often be a chore to clean and maintain. 

Professional carpet cleaning is often a must-have service to remove tough stains and pungent odors that surface over time. While carpets look good when installed and added to a room, preventing dirt and grime from materializing is not always possible. What makes it even worse is when liquids are spilled on fabrics, as they aren’t exactly easy to clean. Here are the worst things that can spill on a carpet:

  • Beer

While other alcoholic beverages can have a pleasant and fruity smell, beer spilled can develop some nasty odors. It is often reminiscent of pets’ urine, and leaving this to materialize will cause it to linger for a long time. While it might not make a visible stain on some carpets’ tones, it still might be a good idea to invest in carpet cleaning services to remove the scents. 

  • Wax

Wax is difficult to remove, and once it dries and sticks to carpet fibers, this can be irritating to walk over. If the wax is from a colored candle, it can be even worse for carpets with a lighter color. Removing these can be quickly done using a hairdryer or a heat gun to melt the wax and then use a cleaning solution to remove the residue. 

  • Coffee

The cup of joe is an American favorite, and practically every American starts their day with coffee. However, this caffeinated drink is known to damage carpets permanently. These brown stains are apparent, especially on fabrics, so a black coffee spill will show a deep mark that can be bothersome even on dark carpets. Be sure to contact professional carpet cleaning services when this happens because coffee can be tough to clean. 

  • Blood

Blood is a vivid red when it is fresh, then dries to be a dark red or maroon color. When this makes contact with a carpet, it is best to clean this as soon as possible. Dried blood can be complicated to clean, so waiting longer can cause permanent stains. 

  • Ink

Ink can be a harsh liquid to wash out, as most of it is made to be permanent, whether it is on paper or a carpet. Any spills or stains due to a broken pen or marker are not easy to deal with, and professional carpet cleaning will remove these. 

  • Red Wine

Red wine or even the family-friendly variant of grape juice can damage the carpets due to its bright color. Sometimes, people who get drunk on wine or careless children can spill their colorful beverage on the floor, causing massive stains. Carpet cleaning services will need to be contacted, as the bright liquid can be an eyesore to light-colored carpets. 

  • Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauces are similarly red, and anything red is known to require immediate action. Fortunately, it is possible to clean these by blotting the spot and using a neutral cleaning agent to remove the residue. Doing this as soon as possible will save a carpet from a permanent stain that will be irritating to see. 


Stains on a carpet are irritating to look at, and the general rule of thumb is that the longer these are left to dry, the more permanent they will end up. By acting on cleaning them as quickly as possible, it is much easier to prevent harsh effects. However, nothing beats the services of a professional carpet cleaning company that has the tools to remove the toughest stains. 

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